about the house

We, somewhat impulsively, purchased this house in early 2016 after a not-at-all arduous search. It was the first house we saw! To put it mildly, it was in less than favorable condition. The walls were water stained by a neglectful previous owner, the beams were painted a very unappetizing shade of chocolate brown, and the bathroom - oh my, the bathroom - had formica wood paneling and a yellow tub! There were linoleum stick on tile floors throughout the house and the kitchen countertop was pink! It was dirty and old and ours. 

We don't really have any experience in home remodel or design so we took our time. Two years, in fact, to get it from where it was to where it is now. We live and work in New York City so the only time we had were the weekends. We'd drive two hours north on Friday night and come back as late as we could manage it on Sunday. Every weekend for two years. 

We've got stories to tell and pictures to show. But what's really important to know is that this house was created with love. And it is our sincerest hope that all who visit feel the energy of this space. This is home to all of us now, and all are welcome here. 


about us

We're Danielle and Ely, a married couple in our late 20s (one of us is now in our early 30s, I won't mention his name) who clasically met at a bar in college and fell in love and moved to the big city to chase big dreams. We love to travel and cook (and eat) good food and drink good wine and lounge around and daydream. We also have two little fluffy dogs (bentley and bebe)!

We're determined to make our dreams our reality. When you can't tell which is which anymore, you've arrived.

Go and find what you are looking for.